Gold Trading

Fuda Gold works primarily in the trading of dory bars and gold sand. On top of this, we also work to sort and process mining output.

Our product line includes gold bars and coins, gold ore, and gold concentrate.

Our Business Model

  • We trade gold and precious metals.
  • Thanks to its high reputation and relative scarcity, gold is a highly valuable commodity.
  • Fuda Gold works directly with mines and refineries, to give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

 Five primary reasons why gold has been valuable

In the days of human civilization, the most common way of trading involved bartering one form of goods for another. Soon, though, there came a need for standardized money. Virtually anything can be used as currency, but an effective currency needs to be something that people will want, and which maintains its value over a long period of time. Civilizations have risen and fallen over thousands of years, but one thing has remained true across all of them, throughout the world- gold is by far the best form of money.

Gold will retain its value into the future for the simple reason that it always has done. Gold has been elevated over virtually every other substance for over 3,000 years. Regardless of the world’s social, political, or financial climate, the value of gold has never dropped to zero, and it has never defrauded an investor. We know gold is valuable because mankind has chosen it, history has proven it, and its zero counterparty risk confirms it.

Five primary reasons why gold has been valuable

  • Reason #1: Chemical Properties.

The first reason why gold has been so valuable for so long is linked to its physical properties. Gold does not degenerate over time, meaning it has the chemical properties needed to serve as a good store of value.

  • Reason #2: Timeless Appeal

Of the 118 elements in the periodic table, gold is arguably the most attractive to the human eye- nothing else matches up to its color and shine. Gold has captivated mankind for thousands of years, and continues to do so in the present day.

 Five primary reasons why gold has been valuable

  • Reason #3: History

Gold is no longer the primary means of currency in the developed world- this role has been surpassed by paper currency issued by governments. However, paper currency relies on nothing but public trust being placed in the issuing authority. Anyone who follows global finance will know that the value of any paper currency can quickly plummet due to a whole host of reasons. On the other hand, gold is a long-term store of value, and acts as an insurance against crisis and inflation- something which history has proved time and again.

  • Reason #4: No Counterparty Risk

Gold is the only financial asset that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability. Gold doesn’t require the backing of any bank, government, or brokerage firm. Gold cannot suffer a default, and its value will never fall to zero.

  • Reason #5: Financial Advantages

Gold is valuable because it has intrinsic financial traits that no other asset does. Gold has no time limit, no shelf life, no counterparty risk. As money, gold is liquid, portable, divisible, durable, consistent, convenient, value dense, private and confidential. Gold cannot be printed, counterfeited, or have its value inflated.